Income Calculator

Image 9If you are eligible for a Advance Premium (subsidy) Tax Credit, an online calculator will help you estimate your actual Advance Premium (subsidy) Tax Credit.   This online calculator is provided through the UC Berkeley Labor Center.  Click Calculatorthen enter your Individual and/or Family income, number of family members in the household and age of the policyholder and this interactive calculator estimates how much eligible individuals and/or families will spend on insurance premium and maximum out-of-pocket for an Exchange health plan under the Affordable Care Act law.    Under the law, maximum contributions to premiums will be based on your Modified Adjusted Gross Income, while estimates in this calculator are based on the annual income entered by the user.   The premiums in this calculator reflect national estimates from the Congressional Budget Office for 70% actuarial value plans, adjusted for premiums inflation and age rating.  This estimate will give you an idea of how much health insurance will cost you and your family in 2015.    Insurance rates for 2015 have not yet been finalized so keep in mind that, once you are ready to purchase a health plan, the actual cost will likely change from this estimate.


You can quickly check the following table to determine if you would be eligible for an Advance Premium (subsidy) Tax Credit based on you 2015 income.


        2016 Federal Poverty Line (FPL) Guidelines

Household Size          100% of FPL          400% of FPL

  • 1                             $11,770                       $47,080
  • 2                             $15,930                       $63,720
  • 3                             $20,090                       $80,360
  • 4                             $24,250                       $97,000
  • 5                             $28,410                       $113,640
  • 6                             $32,570                       $130,280
  • 7                             $36.730                       $146,920
  • 8                             $40,890                      $160,360