Employer Coverage

Individuals (including a parent or spouse in the household) who are employed may qualify for Advance Premium (subsidy) Tax Credits under specific circumstance.


If anyone in the household is offered health coverage from their employer they will be required to obtain information from the employer regarding specifics on the plan offered.    For example: What’s the name of the lowest cost self-only health plan the employee could enroll in at their job that meets the Minimum value standards set by the Affordable Care Act.   Available plans not only include private employer plans but also include federal or state employee plans.


 People offered coverage through an employer are also NOT eligible for Advanced Premium (subsidy) Tax Credits unless the employer plan does not have an actuarial value of at least 60% or unless the person’s share of the premium for employer-sponsored insurance exceeds 9.5% of income.   People who meet these thresholds for unaffordable employer-sponsored insurance are eligible to enroll in a Government Health Exchange and may receive Advance Premium (subsidy) Tax Credits to reduce the cost of coverage purchased through the Government Exchange.