Certified Counselor (Licensed Broker of Record)

Our organization is available to assist you and answer your question regarding your application for Advance Premium (subsidy) Tax Credit and/or medical insurance.     Our services as an Exchange Certified licensed Broker of Record are provided free to the individual and the premium for the insurance plan will be the same as if purchased  directly from the Exchange/Marketplace.   However, before we are allowed to provide you our services you will need to complete section “For Certified application counselor, navigators, agents and broker only” at the bottom of page four of the Singles application and/or Appendix “C” of the family application.   To complete this section #1 put the date the appliction was started; under #2 the broker name “Laura S. Clark” as the Certified agent of record; #3 our organization name “Managed Care Marketing, Corp” and #4 ID number or name “Lauraclark” (NO space between the first and last names) and #5 the Agent/Broker NPN (National Producer Number) 1105091.    Should you have questions give me a call (936) 321-6286 or 1 (888) 780-1215 anywhere in Texas.