Authorized Representative

You can give a trusted person permission to talk about this application with the Government Marketplace Exchange, see your information, and act for you on matters related to this application, including getting information about your application and signing your application on your behalf.   This person is called an “authorized representative.”   If you ever need to change your authorized representative, contact the Exchange.    Your can grant your broker this authority.  However, each time you open your application or speak with a person employed by the Government Marketplace Exchange you will need to again provide the name and NPN number of your broker to be included in your application.


Should you or your representative need assistance in completing the application for a subsidy and/or medical insurance our organization is available to assit you and answer your questions regarding your application.   Our services are at no cost to you.   If you have questions give us a call (936) 321-6286 or 1 (800) 780-1215 anywhere in Texas.