Apply for Advance Premium (Subsidy) Tax Credit












Advance Premium (subsidy) Tax Credits may be available to individuals and/or families under the Affordable Care Act who meet certain income requirements and do not have access to affordable health insurance through their employer of another government program.


An individual may apply for a Advance Premium (subsidy) Tax Credit online or on the telephone.     If you need assistance in completing the Advance Premium Subsidy application we can assist you either online or by placing a conference call to the Government Exchange.    You may wish to call Laura Clark (936) 321-6286, a Certified Exchange Broker of Record, (NPN number 1105091) should you need assistance in completing the subsidy application and/or selecting a benefit plan to apply for coverage.   A Certified Broker of Record provides their services free to the individual and the premium for the insurance plan they select will be the same as if you purchased the plan directly from the Exchange yourself.