Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthplan


A leader in health care

Molina Healthcare, a FORTUNE  500, multi-state health care organization, arranges for the delivery of health care services and offers health information management solutions to nearly five million individuals and families who receive their care through government-funded programs in fifteen states.


We are there for you for every generation

We put your needs first and treat you the same way we would treat our own loved ones.

Patients who have been coming to us since childhood often return as adults and with children of their own.    Our members stay with us because we know how to take care of their medical needs and have the tools and resources to help keep their family healthy today and always.

Did you know Molina Healthcare is led by a physician and Molina family members remain the leadership roles at the company?     Today, J Mario Molina, MD (a son of the founder C. David Molina,MD) who made his start sweeping Molina Medical Clinic floors as a child, now serves as company president and CEO



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