Insurance Companies We Represent

Image 12     One of the biggest advantages Individual and/or Family health insurance has over employer coverage is the immense number of choices.   With an  employer, you might only have one or two plans to choose from.   Not in the individual market — it offers hundreds of different options, each with varying benefits and rate.   

With our service you’ll be able to compare multiple plan options from many major health insurance companies we represent.   Companies like, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Memorial Hermann Healthcare, Community Health Choice, Molina Healthcare and International Medical Group(Quote/Purchase International Travel Medical Insurance) Health Plan and more.   Each insurance company offers unique health insurance solutions, giving you a wealth of options to choose.


Besides the bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans, health insurance companies can offer a catastrophic plan option, which will pay for a lower percentage of costs than the bronze plan.   Catastrophic plans will carry lower premiums than the bronze, silver, gold or platinum plans, but will have higher out-of-pocket cost for medical care.     Catastrophic plans will be available only for people under age 30 and people who are exempt from the individual mandate because the cost of a standardized health insurance plan would exceed 8 percent of their income.