Apply For Health Insurance

Image 1 Whether you’re a single individual or you have a family, or you’re self-employed, or you’re a student or you’re just looking for the best health insurance plan for your needs you might want to apply for an individual and/or family health insurance policy.  With our services here at Affordable Health Insurance Exchange you’ll be able to compare multiple benefit plan options from many health insurance companies by simply clicking on the blue quote bar.


Regardless if your application is approved or declined for an Advanced Premium (subsidy) Tax Credit, we as you Broker/Agent of record will guide through the online application process and assist you to successfully completing the application.     Should you have questions or like a consultation regarding your personal situation just give Laura, an RN and experienced career broker a call in the The Woodlands and Greater Houston areas (936) 321-6286 or toll free (888) 780-1215 anywhere in Texas.