Community Health Choice

Community Health Choice



At Community, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of under-served residents of Southeast Texas by opening doors to coordinated, high-quality, affordable health care.



Community Health Choice is a Local non-profit health plan.   At Community, we genuinely Care for and Serve our Community.   We are a Trusted partner who RESPECTS our Members and their families, opens doors to high-quality healthcare, and makes the process EASY.   Even more simply, we say COMMUNITY CARES.



We are a local, non-profit health plan offerings health plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace.   Community has a network of 10,000 doctors and 77 hospitals.



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If you have questions or need our assistance or would like to explore your options call

Laura Clark, RN and experienced career broker in the Greater Houston Area, including

The Woodlands, Call (936) 321-6286 or toll free 1 (800)780-1215  anywhere in Texas

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