Public (Federal) Exchange


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All health insurance plans offering coverage in the Government Marketplace Exchange will be required to meet both quality and performance standards.   The Affordable Care Act specifically requires, for example, all medical insurance policies, including those offered through the Government Marketplace Exchanges and those offered in the private market, to comply with one of the four benefit categories.  The four tiers of benefits must cover at least 90% (Platinum level), 80% (Gold level) 70% (Silver level) and 60% (Bronze level) respectively of the acturial value of the ten essential benefits required under the Affordable Care Act.   As the metal category increases in value, so does the percent of medical expenses that a health plan will cover.   These expenses happen at the time of health care services — when you visit the doctor or the emergency room, for example.   The health plans that cover more of you medical expenses usually have a higher monthly premium but you will pay less whenever you receive medical care.    The Advance Premium (subsidy) Tax Credit utilizes the second lowest benefit plan is the Silver level plan where you live.

Open enrollment for the Government Marketplace Exchanges for 2017 will began on October 1, 2016 and go through Febriaru 1, 2017.